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This blog mainly covers Nashville Sounds baseball, the Triple-A affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers. The content, stats, comments and analysis on this blogs, including game summaries, are NOT approved by nor endorsed by the Nashville Sounds nor the Pacific Coast League. Any errors or omissions are solely the responsibility of the blog publisher.

– I attended 80%+ of the 2009 Sound’s home games
– Attended a few away game-series at Memphis
– Made almost 400 blog posts during the season
– Took thousands of pictures, publicly accessible
– Posted scores of videos on YouTube
– No other Sound’s blog came close to my coverage for 2009

P1100393.JPG by kwmcnutt.

Outfielder Brendan Katin poses with ATOBG publisher Kraig M.

What can you find on this blog?

  1. Post-Game summaries, updates, and analysis
  2. Pre-Game updates, news and game-prep notes
  3. Periodical analysis of the Sound’s playing
  4. Photos of games, players, etc.,  and galleries
  5. Up-to-date stats of players and the games
  6. The ability to keyword-search and browse by categories
  7. Access to FREE Twitter Sounds (tweets)
  8. Links to key Minor League sites and resources
  9. The opportunity to comment on all the posts
  10. A chance to win two free Sound’s tickets each month.

How frequently is it updated?

The site is updated every day, at least once, during the baseball season, sometimes several times a day. This site was just launched in early April 2009.  The WordPress platform is our hosting resource.

Who is the publisher/author?

The publisher/author of At the Old Ball Game is Kraig M. He has been professionally authoring and publishing web content (not just blogs) for almost 15 years. A life-long baseball fan since 1968, he is a resident of  Franklin, Tennessee, and is an unabashed fan of Minor League Baseball, particularly of the Nashville Sounds.

Some of Kraig’s non-sports related blogs receive tens of thousands of views each month. His other blogs and web content properties include sites related to American history, space exploration and finances.

Kraig can be reached at twittersounds [at]

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