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Click on the score to read the game summary.

To see all the photo albums (hundreds of pics) of the Sound’s games click here.

‘Pics’ means there is a photo gallery for that game.

‘Fan’ means there is a picture of that game’s fan(s).

‘Pitcher’ means the Sound’s pitcher-of-record.

‘MVP’ means our selection for the Sound’s MVP.

Date H/R Opp W/L Score Pics Fan Pitcher MVP
1-May H OMA PPD rain
2-May H OMA L 8-0 (1) Wright None
2-May H OMA W 4-0 (2) Burns Burns
3-May H OMA PPD rain
4-May R IOWA W 5-1 Green Green
5-May R IOWA W 8-6 Dillard Salome
6-May R IOWA L 7-4 Gulin Koshansky
7-May R IOWA W 4-2 Burns Burns
8-May R OMA L 6-5 Wright Katin
9-May R OMA L 6-5 Houston Gamel
10-May R OMA L 3-0 (1) Dillard Bourgeois
10-May R OMA W 5-3 (2) Narveson Bourgeois
11-May R OMA W 5-3 Johnson Johnson
12-May H REN W 5-0 Pics Fan Burns Burns
13-May H REN W 7-1 Pics Fan Wright Wright
14-May H REN L 4-3 Littleton Iribarren
15-May H REN W 8-4 Pics Fan Dillard Dillard
16-May H 51s W 5-1 Pics Fan Gulin Gulin
17-May H 51s W 5-1 Burns Burns
18-May H 51s L 7-5 Pics Fan Narveson Corporan
19-May H 51s W 5-4 Pics Fan Smith Katin
21-May R POR L 6-4 Dillard Katin
22-May R POR W 5-4 Houston Koshansky
23-May R POR L 6-4 Burns Katin
24-May R POR W 8-6 Wright Escobar
25-May R TAC L 12-1 Green None
26-May R TAC L 10-7 Narveson Katin
27-May R TAC W 8-6 Johnson Heether
28-May R TAC L 5-3 Burns Almonte
29-May H OMA L 7-3 Pics Fans Wright None
30-May H OMA W 6-2 – (1) Pics Fans Ginter Katin
30-May H OMA L 2-1 – (2) Pics Fans Butler Butler
31-May H OMA W 8-4 Pics Fan Dillard Katin
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