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Escobar debuts for Milwaukee and goes 1-for-4

August 13, 2009

Freshly called up to the Milwaukee Brewers, former Nashville Sound’s star shortstop Alcides Escobar played in today’s afternoon game against the San Diego Padres, going 1-for-4 and scoring a run.

Escobar made his original Major League debut last year in September for Milwaukee. He played in four games and was 2-for-4. The hot Venezuelan prospect did not start today’s game at short – showing up too late at the park to be in the starting line up – but it looks like the Brewers are planning on giving him consistent playing time for the rest of the year at the Major League level.  This could be Escobar’s big break. He is expected to play about four times a week.

Brewer’s manager Ken Macha gave Escobar the bottom hitting spot, placing the pitcher spot in the eighth-hitting spot in the line-up today. Macha said that part of his strategy in having Alcides bat ninth was to utilize his speed more. Escobar scored one run in today’s Brewer’s victory.

Alcides was involved defensively in six plays today: one was a put-out and five were assists. He did not commit an error in his nine innings of play today.

Escobar joined former 2009 Sound’s teammate Hernan Iribarren in the line-up today too. Iribarren pinched hit. Jason Bourgeois, who was also called up at the same time as Escobar, was in uniform at Miller Park today, but did not play.

Another former 2009 Sound’s player also started and had six at bats today; Tony Gwynn, Jr. Gwynn started out with Nashville Triple-A this year but was traded to the Padres a couple months ago. Gwynn went 1-for-6 today, and scored a run.

In his eight total Major League at bats (over 2008-2009) so far Escobar has only struck out once.

Here’s how Escobars at bats went today at Miller Park in Milwaukee.

He faced 13 pitches today. Five were strikes. Four balls. Three in-play outs. One in play single. Seven of the 13 pitches were fastballs.  Three were curveballs. Three were sliders.

1st AB – bottom of 2nd.

Pitch #1 – 78 mph curve ball, called strike.

Pitch #2 – 80 mph curve ball, 6-3 GO. 2nd out.

2nd AB – bottom of the 3rd

Pitch #1 – 91 mph fastball, swinging strike

Pitch #2 – 90 mph fastball, ball outside

Pitch #3 – 90 mph curveball, called strike

Pitch #4 – 90 mph slider, inside, 4-3 GO, 3rd out.

3rd AB – bottom of 5th

Pitch #1 – 90 mph slider, ball

Pitch #2 – 98 mph fastball, called strike

Pitch#3 – 92 mph fastball, ball

Pitch#4 – 98 mph fastball, ball

Pitch#5 – 89 mph slider, lined out to LF. 2nd out.

4th AB – bottom of 7th

Pitch #1 – 94 mph fastball, called strike

Pitch #2 – 95 mph fastball, single softly in front of cather. Scoring later.

348.JPG by you.

Alcides Escobar in uniform for the Nashville Sounds

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