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Cole Gillespie has proven he is ready for Triple-A ball

June 29, 2009
Sounds Baseball 175 by you.

Cole Gillespie

On May 10th I wrote a blog post titled, Cole Gillespie’s performance is not on par with Triple-A ball.  I’m happy to report he is ready for Triple-A competition now and deserves that starting spot in LF each night.

Cole has struggled at the plate in 2009 so far. Until the past couple weeks his batting average barely hovered near .200.  I was not very impressed with Gillespie early on mainly because of his bat.

He also didn’t seem to have the hustle-fire in his step at first. Though much faster than RF Brendan Katin, Gillespie rarely dives for an outfield ball like Katin seems to do often.

Cole is hitting the ball better now.  He has decent speed in the outfield and has a solid glove.

Gillespie has excellent plate-discipline. He walks a lot and does not strike out much. His current OBP of .335 will pick up a lot if he starts hitting better.

“Gillie” – as his teammates call him – has grown on me.  He is a quiet player and carries himself well.  His plate-discipline is rock solid and he has a knack for hitting a timely home run or double.

Gillespie has clearly showed over the past couple months that he is ready for Triple-A ball though he wasn’t near there in late April and early May.

If his bat catches fire in the second half of 2009 . . . watch out for this 25 year old kid from Portland, Oregon.

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