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Revive is muscial guest for Faith Night tonight at Greer Stadium

June 12, 2009

June 12 – Revive (5:30 p.m. concert, 7:00 p.m. game)Official Website


Citing influences such as Third Day, Switchfoot, Jeff Buckley and Steven Curtis Chapman, Revive has developed a unique sound that unites their aggressive rock appetites with more mainstream pop sensibilities.

It serves Revive well as it places direct emphasis on the group’s well-crafted lyrics. “The songs are influenced by what we are reading in the Word or by what friends or family members are going through,” says Thompson. Feeling God’s provision on every step of their incredible journey has placed Revive in a very special place.

Long before the band responded to God’s call to move halfway around the world, they sat down together and fully discussed their purpose, their vision and mission. They summed it all up on what they call a “Values Card.” It’s all there in print as a constant reminder to each other and as an instant introduction to others wondering just what these guys are all about.

“To maximize our gifts for the glory of God,” Hanbury says stating the band’s purpose. “We talked about our values for a while. Values are how you want to run your business or your band. So we came up with respect, integrity, diligence, excellence, fun, humility and Godliness. Fun had to be on there. We don’t want to deny the fun of being in a band.”

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