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Alcides Escobar is MVP of Omaha series

June 10, 2009
P5160048.JPG by you.

Alcides Escobar is the Omaha series-MVP.

The Nashville Sounds (34-26) won 3 of 4 road games at Omaha recently, the last three in a row after dropping the opening game by a lopsided 7-1. The Sounds then posted winning victories of 8-6, 3-1 and 7-4.

One player was dominant during the series and merits our series-MVP award: Alcides Escobar.

Escobar was 9 for 16 (.562), stroked 3 doubles, one triple, 1 home run, six RBIs, scored 4 runs and 2 SACs.  His season batting avergae lept over .300 during the series and presently rests at .309.

How does Escobar’s numbers tand up compared to his teamnmates?

Escobar leads the Sounds in runs with 45. The next closest (Katin) has 30.

He leads the team in hits with 75; the next closet is 58 (Bourgeois).

He leads the team in doubles with 16; the next closest is 14 (Katin).

He shares the lead with triples (3).

He is second in total bases (106) behind Katin’s 109.

He is leading the team in stolen bases with 22.

How does Escobar’s numbers compare to the PCL overall?

  • Runs (3)
  • Hits (4)
  • Doubles (Tied 6th)
  • Stolen bases (3)

Not only does Alcides Escobar warrant the series-MVP for the recent Omaha road games, but he would have to be the front runner for the June MVP for the Sounds too. Gamel was the April Sound’s MVP and Katin was the MVP for May.

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