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Recent Nashville Sounds pitchers called up owe a lot to pitching coach Chris Bosio: why?

June 6, 2009
P1100420.JPG by you.

Chris Bosio watches Chris Cody warm-up for the first time in Triple-A ball (for Nashville).

Looks can be deceiving.

About twenty minutes before each game a 46-year old crusty veteran major league player sorta waddles from the outfield and walks bow-legged over to the Sound’s bullpen area.

Meet pitching coach Chris Bosio.

His own form might not be what it was in his day (he looks like he’s downed more than a few lagers), especially when he threw a no-hitter on April 22, 1993, but it’s the form his kids have (his pitching staff) that he’s focused on nowadays.

Last night was the first Triple-A start for Chris Cody. This kid looks good. A 25-year old lefty who was the ace (6-1) for Hunstville Double-A before being called up a couple days ago to join the Nashville Sounds.

My brief conversation with Bosio was quite revealing why the former Major Leaguer (94-93, 3.96 ERA) seems to be finding more success as a coach than he did even as a solid pitcher in his own right with Milwaukee and Seattle.

Me: Congrats on getting Burns and Smith up to the Big Leagues Chris. You think Dillard has a shot at it pretty soon?

Bosio: “They all do.”

Bosio: “If they work hard enough”

Me: You must be proud of your kids, huh?

Bosio: “Yeah, but I’m a ass-kicker not an ass-kisser.”

Bosio: “As soon as a kid starts resting, thinking he’s doing fine, he’ll be passed by someone else.”

Bosio was the pitching coach for the Tacoma Rainers in 2001 when the Rainers won the 2001 PCL league championship* with a record of 85-59. His pitching staff that year had a 3.74 combined ERA. That ERA led the PCL in 2001.

The 2001 Rainer-ace was Denny Stark.** He went 14-2 that year. Stark’s was Bosio first pitcher to be called up to the majors.

I don’t think Mike Burns – Nashville’s most recent pitcher called-up – will be his last!

*2001: Defeated Sacramento in Pacific Conference Playoff (3-2), Declared Co-Pacific Coast League Champions with New Orleans.

**Denny Stark (15-14), debuted September 15, 1999.

P1100831.JPG by you.

Bosio and Corporan ham it up in the dugout before the start of the June 5th game in Nashville.

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