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Newbie Chris Cody throws some warm-up pitches tonight

June 2, 2009
P1100495.JPG by you.

I got to Greer Stadium early tonight and walked up to Sound’s pitching coach Chris Bosio to congratulate him on the promotion of Mike Burns to the Brewers today. We exchanged a few words and I asked him when Chris Cody (called up today) would be throwing.  He said, “In a few minutes  . . . meet you down at the bullpen.”  Wow.  What a thrill!

Not only did I get a lot of great pictures of Chris Cody, freshly decked out in his nameless number 12 Sound’s jersey, but I also had my video camera with me.  I’ll be uploading some video as soon as possible.

With out asking, Bosio gave me a baseball and I had Cody sign it (see picture). I got his first-ever autograph as a Nashville Sounds pitcher.  Woo hoo.

P1100420.JPG | P1100422.JPG | P1100425.JPG

P1100403.JPG by you.

Chris Cody throws his first warm-up pitch for Nashville on June 2, 2009

P1100394.JPG by you.

Cody stretches with catcher Patrick Arlis.

Coming soon will be a series of successive shots showing Cody’s complete delivery.

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  1. Michael permalink
    June 3, 2009 2:39 pm

    Lucky you…. I’ve been trying to get a Jeff Samardzija autograph for two years, so last night I made my way over to the Cubs bullpen and waited…. No Jeff…. but as I waited I saw Cody come out and warm up…… Oh well…and in the end no Jeff, no Cody… yet..!!

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