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Hub Perdue, 1909 Nashville Vols (later to become the Nashville Sounds)

May 29, 2009

Hub Perdue - the Nashville Vols, 1909

Hub Perdue, 1909 Nashville Vols

Perdue was a native of Gallatin, TN., a pitcher and former manager for the Nashville Vols.

Wikipedia says:

The Nashville Vols were a minor league baseball team based in Nashville, Tennessee from 1901 to 1963; the team was inactive in 1962. Known as the Nashville Baseball Club during their first seven seasons, they were officially named the Nashville Volunteers in 1908 for the state’s nickname, The Volunteer State. The Vols played their home games at Sulphur Dell, which opened in 1870.

Professional baseball was absent from the Music City from 1964 to 1977. But in 1978, Vanderbilt University baseball coach Larry Schmittou led a group of local owners and founded the Nashville Sounds of the Southern League, abandoning the nickname “Vols” which was shared by the University of Tennessee (Knoxville). The Sounds became one of the most successful minor league franchises, moving to Class Triple-A in 1985.

Source: Wikipedia [Read full article]

Here’s a picture of the 1908 Nashville Vols Baseball team. Hub Perdue is in the picture.

For more info:

  1. Baseball stats of Hub Perdue (Baseball Almanac)
  2. Sulphur Dellweb site
    Apparently, Perdue was dismissed as the Nashville Vols manager, June 25, 1921
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