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Cole Gillespie’s performance is not on par with Triple-A ball

May 10, 2009

There’s a big difference between the level of play between Double-A and Triple-A baseball. Just ask Sound’s outfielder Cole Gillespie.

Gillespie started the 2009 ranked by Baseball America as the #9 prospect for the Milwaukee Brewers. His performance in 2008 at Huntsville may have turned some heads but his play at the Triple-A level since late April has resulted in heads shaking; as in, “can’t you swing the bat Cole?”

Outfielder Cole Gillespie was called up to the Sounds on April 23rd after Jason Tyner was traded to the Tigers. Every time Gillespie plays he usually takes the bat out of the hands of Jason Bourgeois, who is a much better hitter.

His performance to date is not on par with what is expected for Triple-A baseball.

Take a look:

  • He has played 14 games. Been to the plate 38 times. Has produced just 5 hits, and 2 RBIs. He has scored once in 14 games.
  • He sports a paltry .132 batting average.
  • Gillespie has struck out eight times, and walked six. Contrast Gillespie’s six walks with 38 at-bats to Escobar’s six walks on 119 at-bats.
    Conclusion: Gillespie is scared to swing the bat.

In the May 8th loss to Omaha (6-5), a ninth-inning rally was on. Salome’s solo homer to lead-off the ninth inning made it 6-4. Almonte was on second (having doubled). With no outs and already 0-3, Gillespie stepped up to the plate. Would the rally fizzle or sizzle? Gillespie never even swung the bat. Strike three looking!

Gillespie might have potential to play at the Triple-A level some day but his performance in 2009 so far clearly shows he’s a weener invited to a steak dinner.

Don Money needs to make the tough call and send Gillespie back down to Huntsville for more bat-work. Put the lumber back into the ample hands of Jason Bourgeois.

P4300041.JPG by you.

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