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First road series a great success but much room for improvement

April 25, 2009

The Nashville Sounds (9-7) just completed their first road series of the 2009 season with a 6-2 record. This 2009 Sounds team is vastly improved over the 2008 team, which lost 7 of their first 8 road games last year.

The Sounds come back for the start of their second home stand series today against American North Division leading Iowa Cubs (11-5). Then Omaha comes in to complete the series. We’ll really see what the 2009 Sounds are made of in this current home stand series.

Let’s look at the positives about this first road series:

  1. They won five straight on the road, something they didn’t do in 2008.
  2. They hit .300 as a team in their wins.
  3. They averaged 7.2 runs a game in their wins.
  4. They have won seven of their last ten.
  5. They come back home just two games behind the division leader.
  6. They were competitive in all their games.
  7. They outscored their opponents 45-22 overall.
  8. The Sounds left town with a 3-5 record and are returning with a 9-7 record.

Let’s look at how the Sounds could improve:

  1. They only bat .161 as a team in their two losses on the road.
  2. They only average a measely one run per game in their losses.
  3. Their two losses were just by an average of 1.5 runs per game.
  4. They need to win at least half of the tight ones (i.e., game decided by 2 runs or less).
  5. They batted .269 as a team in all the road games.
  6. In games decided by 2 runs or less (on the road) they only won 1 of 3.
P4220081.JPG by kwmcnutt.

Tyler Green of the Memphis Redbirds

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