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Keys to strong wins this year for Sounds?

April 24, 2009

Want a near sure-bet for a win for the Nashville Sounds this year (through first 15 games)?

  • When the Sounds score first they are 5 and 1.
  • When they score 3 or more runs in one inning they are 6 and 1.
  • When they are in the lead after six innings they are 8 and 1.
  • When Tim Dillard starts they are 3 and 0.
  • When Mike Burns starts they are 3 and 0.
  • When the final score is by 2 runs or less they are 4-2.
  • When they commit no errors they are 5-0.

The average margin of victory (thru 15 games) is 4 runs. The average margin of defeat is 6.3 runs. Simply put, the key to defeating the Sounds this year, so far, is to blow them out.

The Sounds have won seven of their last ten, six of last seven on the road. They are 9 – 6 and in second place in the American North of the Pacific Coast League.

P4220112.JPG by you.

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