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How important are ‘big’ innings to Sounds so far?

April 20, 2009

Tony Gwynn of the Sounds bat against the Red Hawks on April 10, 2009.

What have the ‘big’ innings (i.e., at least 3 or more runs in one inning) looked like for the Sounds in their first eleven games?

The Sounds have played 99 innings through their first 11 games.  Eight of those innings have been ‘big’ innings); about 8% of their innings so far.

They have scored 26 total runs in those eight games, averaging a little over 3 runs per inning.

Of these big innings (total of 26 runs):

  • 12 runs scored by 12 singles
  • 5 runs scored by 4 doubles
  • 3 runs scored by 1 HR
  • 2 runs scored by a sac-fly
  • 2 runs scored by 2 errors
  • 1 run scored by a FC
  • 1 run scored by a GO

What can we learn from these ‘big scoring innings’?

  1. Of the Sound’s seven season HRs so far, only one home run took place in a big inning.
  2. The single is by far the most common way a big inning happens.
  3. A double is the second most common way a big inning happens.
  4. Big innings have rarely happened for the Sounds this year as a result of errors by the opponent.

Of the Sound’s six wins this year:

  1. 4 of 6 had big innings.
  2. One loss had a big inning.
  3. The Sounds are 4-1 when having a big inning.

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