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2009 attendance starts out slower than 2008 in spite of stadium renovation

April 17, 2009

The Sounds take defense against the Zephrys on April 10th in newly renovated Greer Stadium.

The Sounds started out on the road last year, winning only won one of their first eight (away) games. They opened their 2008 home stand playing seven straight games, winning just two of those games. By the time their first road and home stands were completed in 2008 the Sounds sported a paltry 3-15 record.   Not exactly impressive.

Though the 2009 Sounds have given up a lot of runs (63) in their opening home stand series (against the Zephyrs and the Red Hawks); the Sounds have so far posted a 3-5 record after their first eight games. Maybe not all too impressive but more competitive than compared to the start of 2008.

When the Sounds have won this year they have played very solid baseball, but when they have lost this year so far, they have lost very badly. In their three wins (10-6, 4-3 and 7-1) they have outscored their opponents 21-10.  But in their four losses so far in 2009 (7-5, 6-2, 11-5, 12-2 and 17-3), they have been outscored 53-17.

Of the Sound’s first five loses they have surrendered huge runs in single innings; runs of six, eight and twelve, respectively. Take away those blow-up innings and the Sounds would have only given up 27 runs to their first two opponents.

But you can’t erase those big innings but hopefully the Sounds can learn from them. In short, the Sounds have been pounded by the opposition so far with two outs in the inning.  The damage inflicted from these innings would have been much less if the Sound would have walked less batters, committed less errors and hit less batsmen.

Comparison of attendance numbers to last year are somewhat disappointing in light of the newly refurbished and $2.5 million dollar renovated Greer Stadium.

In 2008, the first eight home games (including a double header) yielded a combined attendance of 19,610 fans. By way of comparison the first six home games of 2009 have brought in 16,120 fans through the turnstiles. That is a 22% drop in attendance.

The Sounds are off on their very first away series for 2009. They will face New Orleans again for four games starting tonight through Monday, then they will travel to Memphis for four more games. The Sounds return to Greer Stadium on Saturday, April 25th when they begin an eight day home stand against Iowa and then Omaha.

IMG_0163 by you.

The field at Greer Stadium looks beautiful though the clouds were ominous.

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